The unique flexibility and adaptability which arises from our broad experience on managing data and informational systems, provides us the knowledge we need, to offer to our clients the best breed of Technical infrastructure and Informational technology for their electronic transaction implementations.

Unifying all operations and data, we at Netlink, provide a tailor made monitoring and control system, consolidating and ensuring accurate information delivery and customer satisfaction at all project stages, respectively.

Simplifying data delivery techniques based upon international standards we deliver optimal and fast responding transactions systems. In the same context we undertake training (if necessary) on how to manage data of our system and improve reliability.

Our business development endeavors are extending to new concepts through innovative and technologically advanced solutions, making our company an important player in the following Information technology sectors:

1. Electronic payments / transactions
2. Prepaid cards (vouchers) – telephone top up cards
3. Installation of advanced automatic payment machines/systems

Netlink’s major portfolio of products/services consists of the following elements:

1.      NetLink Bill (Bill Collection Services)
2.      Netlink Airtime / Netlink Top-up (Prepaid Cards Services)
3.      Netlink Retail (Innovative software application that focused on the S/M retail businesses)
4.      Kiosk Xpress (Special Service pack designed to fulfill the needs of e-ordering and e-delivery for all Kiosk businesses)
5.      KioskNET Magazine (The first and only magazine that NetLink publishes on a monthly basis delivered to a great number of stands and kiosks throughout the country)