Netlink Airtime

Netlink Airtime / Netlink Top Up – Prepaid phone time

The online renewal services Airtime for mobile/landline telephony and Internet access is achieved and supported by the Netlink with the following two product solutions:

• e-voucher: printout of renewal services and time left on calls 
• e-top up: direct communication with the provider for direct renewal of services

Netlink Airtime services 
Netlink Airtime services advantages over the competition via a wide and easy to use list of services further to the experienced gain all these ten years. It is worth mentioning the most relevant competitive advantages as follows:
• There is no charge on the purchase of voucher cards or other materials (e.g. special printers, etc.). All costs are estimated based on the season/annual profit and the finalizing results.
• Quality of services among competition is achieved by omitting costs in cases of loss or stolen cards
• The sale forecasting mechanism provides the necessary stock available to handle all market needs and provide the best quality of services and products to our costumers
• Value added on customer satisfaction and the procedure is followed on achieving the best results upon our services
• Total sale control – sales error free monitoring mechanism
• Payments occur once a week – no deviations 
• Product portfolio with over a 100 products which are available at any time.

Being part of Netlink Airtime service network, each and every customer has the ability to oversee and control over its own value of services as well as upon issues such as taxing and accounting treatment, in relation to relevant services that are provided by third parties. Our company in collaboration with a well-known accounting and tax firm responded, by debating the truth upon tax and accounting issues that affect the following products:

• Landline telephony vouchers(calling cards)
• Mobile Vouchers (top up cards)
• Immaterial prepaid mobile vouchers
• Immaterial prepaid landline telephony vouchers

With respect to the results of the survey and the survey itself, please visit the following link: 
Study Accounting and tax treatment of intangible Cards Sale (in Greek)

Sales Promotion Service of New Prepaid Telephone Lines 
The specific service pack it is a prepaid-airtime mobile telephony, promoting and distributing package services of Netlink partner’s product portfolio. The specific portfolio of companies includes more or less all the valid companies who are acting in the country, such as:

• Vodafone 
• Wind 
• Q-Telecom 
• What's UP 
• Cosmocarta 
• Frog 
• Cosmote 
• PlanetSim 
• Ciao Mobile

The advantages and the earnings gained by the use of the specific service package towards the customer are as follows:

• Zero Start up fees and Zero investment Capital for the purchase of the cards – Which simply means that the customer will not take off his pocket anything as he doesn’t need to prepay the electronic purchase of the telephone line. By paying once per week, he/she has the chance to use his money (initial capital) exactly with the same way as his profit from the sales he will achieve by selling Prepaid Telephone Lines, in any other (hot) product or service which can bring at the end the best feasible profit for him/her and their business will move smother on a weekly basis.

• No physical card means no physical loss of the card (or even avoiding of possible theft), especially as the market has been shaped nowadays. Every loss of every physical card means directly a 10 euros cost for the entrepreneur which simply means that he/she will have to sell at least another 20 cards in order to be able simply to balance the cost of the one card, so his first profit of some cents will be at the sales of the 21st card on the row…

• By using Netlink’s service pack the entrepreneur has immediate access (and ready to sell) to all the cards – the total variety - in the market no matter how big or how small the brand is without even checking and rechecking his stocks and the overall problem may cause the possible shortage in the new orders and even the hassle of drafting and scheduling the supplies. With the recommended service pack the entrepreneur can achieve an increase in his sales as he has no risk at all and will not lose any customer, not to mention that the customer satisfaction will be high. So, we are simply talking about a clear win-win situation with the maximum satisfactory level.

• Total Control of the sales – The peripheral device offered in the specific service pack has the ability to produce a detailed analysis of the sales done daily and weekly. The report is very detailed and with all the necessary characteristics per company and per card sold. Furthermore, it has the ability to recognize at any given time the profit (percentage on sales) for the entrepreneur so as to be able to have the full picture and control it totally.

• The procedure for an entrepreneur to enter to the specific service pack is immediate since all the telephone companies have the same target which is no other than increase their sales through the increase of their selling points which will have no cost at all as by avoiding all these plastic cards means more profits and less cost for the specific companies. Less time consumed and easier method to increase their selling points, once more is a win-win situation for everybody.

Peripheral Device abilities

• Is a device which is working with both electricity and batter so its autonomy is amazing as it contains a rechargeable battery which gives the chance to the device to work at least two hours with no electricity;

• No need of a telephone (fixed) line as it’s a wireless device and the way of the communication of the device is through a mobile network which needs no any obligation with any of the telephone hosts. The only needed demand is a network of 220 volts to be able to work.

• Use – Is a friendly user device which do not need any special skills or knowledge.

• Communication Speed- The communication of the device with the central system is online which means that all the data is registered accurate and to the point on a fast track in real time. No time consuming and no false statements or misleading printouts can take place, is a safe and guarantee system.

• Reports Print outs – The device is giving the opportunity to the user to print either daily or/and weekly reports to control in total the numbers.

• Other abilities - The device has the ability to receive various information from the central system such as, special offers, urgent information, new companies etc.