Netlink Bill

Netlink Bill is a pioneer mechanism for managing and collecting bills of any nature contributing at the same time on the improvement of the quality products and services provided by organizations or businesses that adopt it.

Cutting costs and saving time to all users/end users, Netlink Bill is offered through a wide network of authorized resellers - associates providing services such as, public utility bill payments, telephony, Internet services and acquisition of various bills such as payment of credit card debts, e-passes, etc.

Using the EBP Consolidator model, we achieve simultaneous interface interconnection with various informational and heterogeneous systems, tracking and data migration while providing valuable informational services to all stakeholders. Worth mentioning, the services offered are characterized by a unique fast reporting system, embracing a various number of sub services such as forecasting, credit analysis statistical representations, etc.

Delivering turn-key solutions and building robust and stable applications, Netlink provides the required network infrastructure (secure servers, hosting, etc) and the comprehensive technical support for connecting the points of collection to the banks. The unique flexibility, scalability and adaptability on our infrastructure design give us that decisive competitive edge and ensure our position as a key player in the market, of being able to handle and complete in success complex communication and billing projects in both Greece and abroad.