Netlink Retail

Netlink Retail

Netlink Retail software is an innovative application that successively meets the needs of small and medium businesses of the retail market, providing all the necessary tools for monitoring and control of sales, stock and logistics management, etc. Eventually can be the best solution and be adopted in convenience stores, groceries, mini markets and Stands.
The innovative and pioneer features of Netlink Retail come to change the old fashion store managing techniques, offering a range of tools fulfilling all the needs in retail outlets such as kiosks, mini markets, bars, deliveries, fast foods, clubs - offering the best of breed technological tools that help our customers to gain immediate full control over all levels of their enterprise.

The application has designed and implemented on a user friendly environment making it easy to use even from inexperienced computer users. Even a 10 Inch laptop can be used to host the application or a touch screen computer can be applied, thanks to its built-in keyboard, making the application even friendlier to use.

In addition, it features the innovative built-in selling airtime and bill payment functionality. However, peripheral equipment can be attached such as a small thermal printer (paper roll width of 6 cm). Airtime code numbers are provided automatically via internet, and sale is completed with the instructions of airtime to be printed along with the receipt of payment.

Netlink Retail advantages are:

  • Easy to use (multi-functionality)
  • Robust
  • Secure system
  • Technologically advanced system
  • Low cost

Netlink Retail was created to cut costs and save time. At the same time though it offers the following added value services:
Improves by 100% service and sale cycle
Improves validity of services
Theft Prevention
Reduces order time

The Netlink Retail provides high level security and accessibility to all the activities of the company at low cost. Due to its friendly price is given the opportunity to small retail enterprises to adopt this pioneer solution and upgrade their infrastructure, setting at the same time the fundamentals for a solid future growth.
The cost reduction is achieved by:
- Human resources management
- Stock management
- Sales management (orders, sales, stock, cancelations, etc)

The competitive advantages of Netlink Retail are:

User friendly – Windows based graphic user interface
an extremely easy to use application with a fast response engine
Full version Includes a list of 9,000 products (price list is also included)
1.900 programmable buttons
Barcode (multiple input per product) functionality is supported
Works with a fully touch screen display
working environment is adopted on your needs (seven (7) Themes)
airtime and bill payment functionalities
Direct download, installation and support via internet (One Click Deployment technology)
Microsoft SQL Server Express is required for data storage and acquisition
Online technical support 09:00 - 17:00 (Only for Full version)

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