Netlink Register

NETLINK Register

Registration or transfer process for prepaid phones
Since November 2009, all Greek mobile phone users must provide their personal information in order to be registered towards the Greek authorities according to law 3783/2009.
In order to activate any new mobile phone connection to be able to use it, he users must first register their personal information. This process has been imposed in order to help more effective prosecute criminal offences.

The registration or transfer procedure for mobile phone numbers is being offered by Netlink to every retailer wishing to become an authorized registration representative, aiming to boost their income and their competitive advantage.
In full compliance with Netlink’s general customer – centric philosophy, Netlink is offering to all of its customers the opportunity to engage in the profitable registration procedure, increasing this way their client list and of course their income.

Netlink provides the retailer with the full selection of Greek mobile SIM cards and also gives him the possibility to choose between 2 different registration procedures :
1. Initial registration for new mobile number or
2. Transfer of an already pre-registered mobile number to a new user.

The retailer has an instant profit of 5€ by selling the SIM card to his customer plus an additional payment of 1€ for the actual registration or transfer of the mobile number.

The registration process is very simple and the only prerequisite at the authorized points of sale is either a fax machine or a scanner and an e-mail account.
Initial registration:
- The retailer sells the SIM card to his customer who must fill in and sign a specific form and deliver it to the retailer along with a copy of his ID/passport.
The retailer sends all the necessary documentations to Netlink in order to register the new prepaid number to its user.
Transfer of number :
- the above procedure may require some time until the new mobile number becomes active. in case the retailers wish to sell already activated cards, in order to better serve the customers, the pre-activation process is required. The procedure is actally exactly the same, except that the SIM card is already pre-activated.
- In this case, the mobile number is initially registered to the retailer’s own personal information.
- The registration to the final customer is done with exactly the same steps as before, the only difference is that the customer is buying an active card and can immediately start using it without any delay.