NETPARK is another tech service of NETLINK S.A.

Based on our high level of expertise, we realized integrated solutions for car park management for the Hellenic Municipalities and their Municipal Corporations, aiming to improve traffic conjunction in road infrastructures and revenues increase.



The Surveillance Application facilitates the Municipal Police to detect vehicle through the Public Vehicle Registry and issue fines for parking violations. All violations are automatically transferred in the central database with a tracking number for future reference (Ticket Server).



The application is located on our corporate cloud private server. There is also the option for a centralized location in the municipality’s server. The portal includes all necessary tools and features for the automated traffic enforcement as well as the organization and optimization of the Municipal Police and / Authority Controllers.



A smart assistant for the drivers to find free carpark spots next to their destination as well as paying an incremental fee based on the parking time.



A system based on IoT technology combined with the installation of sensors across on and off-street carparks and spaces. The sensors communicate with the system applications and receives real-time information that there is an available space there.


  • PAYMENT AT KIOSK POINTS -Parking your vehicle in peace

Netlink operates a closed secure network of 5000 points nationwide interconnected with the Ticket Server system. We combine the possibility of fast-paced payment. The Motorist uses his license plate number and the parking zone code -optional – depending on the specifications set by the contracting authority- and a receipt payment is issued. We also offer to the motorist pre-paid parking vouchers to take care parking payments ahead of time through our points of sale.

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