About Us

Company Profile and Philosophy

Company Profile

Netlink has been established in 2003, having a mission to provide advanced technical infrastructure and software for the processing of secure electronic transactions.

The company is now listed in the 150 largest Greek companies based on revenue.

  • with an always-growing network that exceeds the 5,000 installed POS terminals throughout Greece, which process thousands of transactions on a daily basis, having exceeded the limit of €1.5 bn in transactions
  • with a cutting-edge, automated, and remote transit parking management software,
  • with the most advanced cybersecurity services integrated both in payment and IT solutions and at the level of autonomous consulting services; and
  • with innovative software – based on state-of-the-art technologies – for powering the City Networks and Smart Cities, evolving the functionalities of Municipalities and the local economy,

Netlink offers its customers high value-added products and services.


From its establishment to the present day, Netlink is in total sync with technological advances in the specific field, as well as with international regulations regarding safety of electronic transactions. The company started off by providing the then innovative Bills Disbursement Services (through which bills regarding public businesses and organizations and telecommunications companies could be disbursed), and following that, expanded into the field of landline/mobile telephony and internet by providing airtime services.

Our Philosophy

In a time where speed and convenience regarding electronic transactions is the primary goal for businesses and users, we design services aimed at fully meeting these needs. By keeping the client at the center of our professional attention since day one, we have evolved in such a way so as to be able to be responsive to new requirements, in this way improving our operational effectiveness to the client’s advantage.

Working Environment & Workforce

For Netlink, employees are the most valued asset of its professional success. We invest in our employees’ knowledge and evolution via training programs, aiming to create and keep a together a strong team that will always be at our clients’ side.

Environmental Responsibility

At Netlink, we fully comprehend our responsibility towards the environment; that is why since the first day of operation we have invested in and disseminated electronic transactions, striving to minimize the use of environmental resources.