Company Profile

Our Vision and Philosophy

Netlink has been established in 2003, having a mission to provide advanced technical infrastructure and software for the processing of secure electronic transactions.

The company is now listed in the 150 largest Greek companies based on revenue.

  • with an always-growing network that exceeds the 5,000 installed POS terminals throughout Greece, which process thousands of transactions on a daily basis, having exceeded the limit of €1.5 bn in transactions
  • with a cutting-edge, automated, and remote transit parking management software,
  • with the most advanced cybersecurity services integrated both in payment and IT solutions, and at the level of autonomous consulting services; and
  • with innovative software – based on state-of-the-art technologies – for powering the City Networks and Smart Cities, evolving the functionalities of Municipalities and the local economy,

Netlink offers its customers high value-added products and services.