Netlink Register

Identification or Transfer of Pay As You Go Telephony Service

The identification or transfer of pay as you go telephony service is available to any Netlink partner who wishes to become an authorized ID point. The procedure is simple and cost-free for the partner and offers immediate profit.

What you gain with Netlink Register and how it works

Netlink offers its partners free pay as you go telephony connection packages from all providers.

Afterwards, the partner may offer the following services:

  • Identification for new pay as you go connections
  • Transfer of active pay as you go numbers to new holder


The procedure comes to an end after Netlink has processed requests.

In both cases, the partner has immediate profit since it is a sale without initial capital and direct collection of the value of each service.

The partner must have a fax machine or scanner at his workspace so that he can send the required documentation to Netlink by email.

The procedure is speedy and can be completed by following the below simple steps:

Identification. The client must complete a consent form which must be sent to Netlink together with the required documentation (photocopy of ID or passport). After Netlink has processed the request, the sale is complete and the pay as you go number then corresponds to its new holder.

Transfer. For the transfer, the transfer procedure of active connections to the partner is preceding. Afterwards, the procedure is the same as that of identification.

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