About us

Netlink S.A. is a premier provider of professional technical infrastructure and software for processing secure electronic transactions. Operating an electronic distribution transaction system via independent terminals, through solid and wireless environments for a wide spectrum of commercial activities, it offers pioneering services of electronic transactions with high incremental value to its customers in both Greece and abroad.

Netlink works with many successful companies including Carefour Marinopoulos Hypermarkets, ACS Courier Services, Vodafone, Wind and many other successful brands and over 2.600 retail stores all over Greece

Based on the integrity, trust and technical know-how Netlink’s staff is committed totally towards to its associates that the services provided are easy to use by any operator and appealing to the consumer, but above all profitable.

Netlink has managed to reach the first place in the Greek market based on profit, furthermore, the company has gained the second place among competing companies offering Top-up services in Greece, holding more than 35% of the electronic airtime-top-up market and processing more than 14.000 bill payment transactions on a monthly basis through its network of 60 collaborating supermarkets.

Netlink’s technical support department and Help Desk guarantees high quality electronic services using the latest technological and security standards and development of strong business results through prompt service to all its customers and the smooth functioning of all systems at any given time.

Netlink is very proud of its people as the hardworking and experience staff is aiming on doing the best for the customer on a daily basis. Netlink has a highly trained staff which focuses in building strong business relations with the best feasible result coming from the ten years of experience in the market. Netlink is active in the field of:

1. online Bill’s payment (Mobile and Fixed line telephony, Internet, Utilities, taxes and others)

2. prepaid cards for online purchases (internet payments, and sales of e-pass time for Attiki Odos)

Netlink’s vision is to provide secure, innovative and competitive solutions, with the target to create new partners giving special attention and priority to the existing ones.