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Netlink Airtime – Netlink Top Up Terms - Netlink AE - Συστήματα Παροχής Υπηρεσιών και Πληροφοριών

Netlink Airtime – Netlink Top Up Terms


1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the distribution of products defined in Annex A hereto (the “Products”). All those cooperating with the company “NETLINK SERVICES AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS SOLELY LIMITED COMPANY” and with the distinctive title “NETLINK M.AE.” based in Athens, at 10-12 Doryleou Street, me VAT number 999398500 of D.O.Y. FAEE Athens, as legally represented (the “Company”), merchants who wish to distribute of the Products to final consumers on behalf of the Company (‘Merchants’) must read the present before starting to distribute the Products. Any Merchant who begins to distribute the Products on behalf of the Company is deemed to have read and unconditionally accepts those present. In case a trader does not agree with these terms must not proceed in the distribution of the Products on behalf of the Company.

2. The Company reserves the right to revise or modify them these terms, and to add or remove Products. The applicable terms will be posted on its website Company. Dealers must visit at regular intervals the website and be informed of any modifications to present terms.

3. The sale price of the Products to final consumers is determined by the Company and the Merchant is not allowed to distribute them against of a different price, subject to the legislative provisions which allow the collection of commission from consumers, nor to makes their distribution dependent on the sale of others on his part Products.

4. The Merchant must participate in any training programs organized by the Company regarding the distribution of the Products and to ensures that its personnel involved in the distribution of Products to follow what is mentioned in said programs and the general instructions of the Company.

5. The Merchant is not allowed to modify, alter or intervene as in any way to the Products or the instructions or contents thereof, to removes any marks or indications affixed thereto or to superimposes on them other signs or indications.

6. The Merchant acknowledges that all rights (vested or not) in the Products including trademarks, intellectual rights and industrial property rights belong to Company and/or the publishers of the Products and none of them is transferred to the Merchant

7. The Merchant must comply with orders, procedures and instructions of the Company regarding the manner of distribution of the Products, to collect and to keep for as long as the Company requests them information that the Company indicates to him from time to time, as well as to carries out any actions and checks that will be requested from it Company for the purpose of preventing and suppressing phenomena 2 fraud and money laundering and criminal acts art gives birth.

8. The Merchant is obliged to proceed only with legal and real ones transactions with consumers and ask the consumer to receives a receipt with the details of each transaction. It’s due also to make available to consumers the data and information that the Company will indicate to him.

9. The Merchant must refrain from actions that harm its reputation Company, the publishers of the Products or the companies that supply the Company with the Products.

10. The Merchant accepts the right of the Company and its publishers Products or the companies that supply the Company with the Products to carry out checks both on-site and ex distance in order to establish compliance on his part with the orders of the Company and his obligations in general of these terms. In this context, the Merchant must provide as senior persons and their authorized employees or to third parties persons to be indicated by them reasonable support and cooperation, to allow access to the facilities, to the records and its infrastructure in general and to respond promptly to related requests providing information.

11. The Merchant must use and post in the places he wants are indicated by the Company any advertising or other material that will be sent to him by the Company regarding the Products and not carries out advertising actions related to the Products which have not been approved by the Company.

12. The Merchant accepts and allows the Company, of its partners who supply it with the Products and/or the publishers of them, posting on their websites (or any other website or medium deem appropriate) of his identity and address so that the consumers to be able to take notice that the Merchant is one of the points of sale of the Products. He also accepts any advertising action carried out by the aforementioned persons and in which it will be stated that the Merchant is such a point.

13. The Company reserves the right to stop distribution at any time of the products. In the event that the Company notifies me any convenient means to the Merchant inability to dispose of Products for any reason or temporary or permanent interruption thereof of their distribution, the Merchant must inform consumers and not to accept requests to distribute Products to them.

14. Subject to the provisions of mandatory law in force legislation, the Company is not liable to the Merchant for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or losses earnings, including (indicative and not limited to) financial loss, loss of revenue or profits, loss of clientele or any other form of property loss or damage of any nature, h which is in any way connected with the Products or the temporary or permanently discontinuing their distribution for any reason, as and for any delay and/or inability to complete transactions, which is due to a corresponding delay or inability on behalf of the network companies with which the Merchant is contracted.

15. These are governed by Greek law and for any dispute that relates to or arises from them exclusively competent are the courts of the city of Athens.



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